Who we are

B World Insights (BWI)

A creditable and resourceful online market research company established in 2014 to provide virtual researches and solutions. Starting with letter 'B‘ in ‘Buoyancy’, BWI expresses its ambitions to deliver groundbreaking service standards and yet, competitive prices to worldwide clients.

Founded by Shigemasa Ohta, an investment expert with over 20 years of experiences in market researches and consultancies for large corporations such as McKinsey & JETRO Japan, BWI’s vision is: “To become the most prestigious and excellent provider of online research services in Vietnam”.


Our Missions

We conduct online and offline surveys, and offer a range of customized analysis and reports. Our expertise also focuses on comprehensive solutions in response to clients’ requirements. The solutions are designed appropriately for your business characteristics and concerns namely market understanding, new product development, customer satisfaction, brand and advertising, etc. We have confidence in our deep understanding about the legislation, market, cultures and local lifestyles, which makes our difference and competitive advantage.


Our Comprehensiveness

Meeting ESOMAR standards, we commit to producing error-free deliverables. Because clients’ satisfaction is our top priority, we apply the QCD approach to comprehensively improve our service quality. Client-focused, well-qualified and well-equipped, we have the expertise to fulfill your requirements.

Our panel: As we believe that the higher the quality of panel, the more beneficial our clients, we nurture an extensive panel with diverse profiles that can meet specific survey requirements. Besides, the panel is well-controlled by a strict procedure to prevent fraudulent applications and survey answers.

Our system: Our system is always under maintenance, frequently updated and improved to provide perfect services 24/24 hours. We have advanced information security management system to prevent any possible privacy problems and I.T related risks from ruining our clients and panelists’ benefits.

Our staff: We are proud to have a network of highly-motivated and enthusiastic talents having a wide range of knowledge and experience. Our clients can rely on us as trusted consultants who are fully dedicated to helping them gain valuable market insights.

QCD/ESOMAR: Applied ESOMAR Standard & Advanced QCD Framework.


Our social responsibility

BWI not only strives to become the best research solutions provider but also to be a positive contributor to the society. While conducting several market researches, we serve as a bridge between enterprises and their customers. We, therefore, represent the voice of consumers to protect their rights and interests. Enterprises can enjoy understanding their customers’ expectations to establish best practices that ultimately benefit consumers. This indirectly improves the quality of products and services.


Our Partners

B World Insights incorporates with B&Company, the first Japanese market research agency in Vietnam. This partnership is a proof of our commitment of a long-term development orientation.

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