Information Security
B World Insights (hereinafter referred to as "Company”) fully recognized the importance of information security along with providing the highest quality services. Company considers customers’ information protection as one of our top priorities.

Company has established an internal control system related to customers’ information. We will carry out appropriate operations as well as audit and verify its effectiveness continuously.

We also comply strictly with laws and regulations related to information security of the Government. Accordingly, Company will strive to follow the most effective information management practice.

In particular, we implement information security policies that are appropriate, reasonable, and compatible with goods and services provided. Those rules are announced and applied for all BWIC’s directors and employees for compliance. Company will implement planned education and training on information security for all employees.

Moreover, Company has established the Information Security Section that always diagnose, analyze and resolve the risks and problems related to information security, revises and updates laws related to information security in order to carry out necessary and suitable amendment in our rules and regulations.

If any problem occurs by any chance, we will strive to minimize the damage. In that case, we will quickly identify the problem and approach its resolution as soon as possible.

26th August, 2014
B World Insights Ltd.
BWIC Director, Shigemasa Ohta
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