Customers are heterogeneous.

A common trouble of manufacturers and providers is that they often feel overwhelmed with diverse needs, expectations and attitudes of their customers over certain product or service.

With segmentation studies such as cluster analysis, multidimensional scaling, or conjoint analysis, we are ready to help our clients to divide their whole market population into subsets with similar characteristics.

The results of these studies, in turn, may serve as inputs for our clients to design different products and services for different market target segments.
In the current competitive market environment, product and service life cycles are becoming shorter than ever before.

Given this context, it is imperative to manufacturers and providers to be proactive in developing new products that response better changing needs of markets and customers.

By employing the most preeminent solutions such as adaptive choice-based conjoint or Kano model that may help bridging the voices of customers to the manufacturers and providers, we are always willing to help our clients to tackle the above problem.
Customer satisfaction is the most critical goal of any manufacturer and provider.

Satisfied customers are more likely to re-patronize, to resist rival appeals and to generate favorite word of mouths. With structural equation model or multiple regression method, we can help you to figure out to what extents your customers are satisfied, which are the key precedents that result in customer satisfaction and what are the relative weights of importance of those features.

Thus, our customer satisfaction research may help you to understand not only the actual performance of your business but also to deliver database information you need to adjust your policies and strategies.
Branding equity and awareness

What do customers think about firm’s brand? Where does firm’s brand locate in customer perception map, apart from other competitors in marketplace? As brand is invaluable asset of any firms, these questions are issues for every business practices. With advanced statistician techniques such as multidimensional scaling or structural equation model, we are confident to give you the most reliable and validated answers for these above questions.


Your product or service is valuable and highly qualified. But the trouble is that you are not sure if your advertising method is effective or if your campaign will interact with the right people in the right manner. Our three-stage survey will help you to evaluate how your potential and incumbent customers perceive about your advertising campaign.
Staff Survey
Are your staffs satisfied and loyal? What are their actual performances? Is your organization’s environment learning-supported enough to help your employees exploit their potentialities?

With structural equation model or multiple regression methods, we can conduct surveys gathering feedbacks and assessments from relevant stakeholders including employees, managers, peers, clients and customers to help you to answer the above queries?

This may provide you a comprehensive view about your staff management and, in thus, help you re-structuralize internal policies and strategies relevant to this affair.
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