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BWI researchers (and clients, if required) conduct in-depth visits to respondents’ locations and ask them to answer contextual interviews. Respondents are selected in accordance with the survey criteria. By observing real-life behaviors of respondents, our researchers can effectively analyze their actual usage of products; thereby assess the value and practicality of the products. Since respondents are interviewed about the products while they are actually using them in their environment, clients can gain a plenty of useful opinions or comments on the prototypes or products. Also, we collect hands-on information on cultural characteristics, behavioral patterns, buying habits and consumptions habits of a target customer segment. Deliverables can be recorded videos of actual daily lives.


We offer home visit service to clients who are in their initial stage of product development. You can enjoy the opportunities to test your prototypes with real consumers before launching a new product and to get feedback on your new products. To explore opportunities for breakthrough inventions, this method is suitable.

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