With telephone survey, the results can often be gathered more quickly; hence, suitable for clients who need to complete the survey shortly. The results provided are more random and accurate because the sample is less self-selective than online surveys. Thanks to the popularity of telephones and cellphones in Vietnam, telephone surveyoffers a large-scale access to the general population or a known sample. BWI team randomly filters contacts of target respondents from our rich panel, business directories and public contacts on the Internet. Our professionally trained interviewers will phone respondents in the contacts list to inquire survey questions. They can obtain information in a flexible way and guide respondents through any questions that might not be understood. With multiple telephone lines, we commit to completing the survey within the time allowed.


Although Internet usage is growing, the use of telephone survey is superior when clients are trying to reach minorities and lower-income consumers. Our interviewers can help clients understand the opinions, perceptions and preferences related to their products and services, especially when the issues are controversial.Telephone surveyis also applied to following up with respondents after online research. 


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